Babysitting Adults

Lonesome BWThere has to be some time limit on when children need babysitters.

And maybe even accept responsibility for their actions.


A phone message at 10:30 p.m. – nebulous and “call as soon as…” from someone who thinks my time has no value to me.  When, indeed, if I’m asleep, it is quite valuable, because I don’t sleep that much.

I attempted to return the call “as soon as…” which was at 5 a.m..  Amazingly, no answer.  I didn’t leave a message.  Why bother, my return call wasn’t important enough to hop out of bed to answer.

It turns out the purpose of the nocturnal call was for me to cover the ass of the Heir Apparent, who had gone out of town for a sporting event and didn’t want to have to come home to fulfill his obligations – they wanted me to stand in.

The answer being – I assumed he wouldn’t be back in time and I arrived at the scene in plenty of time to fulfill his responsibility.

I’m sure I will be showered with gratitude and appreciation.

End sarcasm.

A Week Almost Ended

5 oclock somewhereSo, it’s Friday and the work week for the typical human in this country is about to come to an end.  Not me.

And I expect this afternoon will turn into a chaotic mess once the Force of Chaos deigns to arrive and expect all other activity to come to a screeching halt to accommodate her whims.  Except they aren’t whims – they are things that need done before 4 p.m. and the final drop off at the US Postal Service.  This work will take at a minimum an hour to accomplish, my estimate is more like 2 hours.

And it is now approaching 1:30 p.m.

So I’ve decided to do what any drone who has garnered little respect and even less valued as a human being than is even typical at Giant Faceless Corporations – I am going to sit here and draw pay because I am here at the beck and call of a completely disorganized and disrespectful human being.

Since greed is their sole motivation for most things – let that greed be mine for a change.

I need a nap.

A Day Like Most

Yesterday was a day like most.

The Force of Chaos prevented me from doing any work that required thought. Fortunately, I foresaw that and arrived on the scene a couple of hours ahead of them.

Unfortunately, there is a second force at play whose reliability is what I call marginal.  Most would can them if they had the authority.

Maria looking fierce

Maria looking fierce

For instance – I was told I needed to follow up on a lead.  From six days earlier.  Nobody had recorded a telephone number or a name.  Or hell, even the time of the call or appointment.

Yes, that’s sure doable.  If other people bothered to take some responsibility and maybe – I don’t know – write things down?  Send an email?  Something that can be traced?


You know – sensible things.

You’d have thought I had suggested they feed on their babies when I said it was an impossible task and I wouldn’t attempt it.

This is a normal day.

I sent out more resumes today.

Rebirth of Drying Ink

Welcome to Drying Ink.

This site was born out of my frustration with Illinois and the corruption-laden government of Governor “King Rod” Blagojevich.

On the UIUC Campus

On the UIUC Campus

In 2008 I predicted he would attempt to sell Barack Obama’s Senate seat should Obama be elected President, and be in handcuffs by Christmas.  I was off by three weeks.

This rebirth will be mainly updates, rants, and posts of my photography.  Much of it is for sale via my Permanent Tourist site.

Much of my paid work features women, and if pictures of beautiful women irks your soul, you should probably not proceed beyond this point.

Current Thoughts and Updates