Some Things That Have Been Bugging Me

bug-eyesSometimes things just bug me.

Like – insurance adjustors.  Country Companies seems to think they have a right to see my life’s medical records because their insured ran a stop sign, destroying my car and putting me in an ambulance.  Sorry, guys, but the bills are what they are.  Pay them.

The bills are getting sent to their client this week.  Thousands of dollars for medical expenses alone so far.   Not to mention lost time from work that Country Companies says they won’t pay until “we settle all of this up.”  Yo – my expenses happen NOW, not at some indeterminate time in the future.  And hey, bozos if you read this – I am STILL in daily pain and STILL having trouble moving my neck.

Illinois American Water bugs the piss out of me, too.  They “upgraded” their billing system in July 2013.  I am on the phone with them constantly because of the errors this has generated and end up flowing to my desk.  They did compensate me for $600 of my effort.

Comcast You Suck continues to be a thorn.  They owe in excess of $3k for their screwups last winter – and nobody returns phone calls running all the way up to their corporate headquarters.  Why am I not surprised.


And The Insanity Begins

wasting timeSometimes I have to wonder just how some people get an education, when even the simplest of concepts appear to elude them.  Sure, every once in awhile – in the past – I have run across a person like this.  But it was rare, or it was obvious they had other issues going on.

But a university student?  In fact, a recent graduate?

It boggles my mind.

I’ve noted a disconcerting trend over the past five years – these adultlets seem to have problems with personal accountability at the age of 20 to 22.  “Call my Mom” or “Call my Dad” or just recently “Call my godfather”.   Well – no.  I won’t.  You call them, my job is to get in touch with you, you simpering little twit.  If you haven’t kept mumsy and daddums up to date on what’s going on with you, it surely isn’t my job – a practical stranger – to do so for you.

I’ve started pondering telling them “yes” believe it or not.  Then sending them a bill for consulting services.  I’m dithering between $100 an hour to $150 an hour, with a one hour minimum.

Try to get across to these simpletons what it means that “they are a group” as far as I’m concerned.  The worst case scenarios do not get it.  I have, in fact, told them to see if their attorney can explain the concept to them of a joint and several obligation.  Because obviously my communications skills fail.

Or they could Google it.  There are hundreds of accurate links out there.

But no – that would take some personal effort and personal accountability.

“Like A Boss”

Homer_British_MuseumA new bit of slang has finally grated across my eyeballs, and from what I can tell, it is principally used by people who

  1. I would never want to have as an employee;
  2. Don’t have the potential to be a boss; and,
  3. Have either had a string of jobs they have been fired from, or never HAD a job.

The Urban Dictionary (my go-to with new slang) says:

“The act of doing something as a boss would do. ”

Okay, yeah, I get that.  HOWEVER, the string of potential uses for the phrase (this phrase was added in 2009 by the way) have led me to my conclusions above.

So, if you use this phrase in my presence, expect my level of respect for you to plummet to the gates of Hades.

And if you don’t get my reference – which is 3,000 years old – go get an education.  Or a book.

Dug Through the Archives

I dug through the archives of photos I’ve taken digitally this last weekend between things.

Keep in mind, I have 6 hard drives loaded with stuff.  Four of them are terabyte-scale drives.  So it’s kind of wandering through a very packed closet that’s about the size of the Goodyear Blimp.

And I found these buried in there.

rural scenery,corn,farm


Two Strikes And You’re Out

Talk Nerdy to Me

So, this past weekend was BUSY, but not as busy as planned.

Someone I had had a previous last minute cancellation with did it again.  And had the audacity to think I might want to reschedule.

Sorry, but some people don’t get it.  There is time involved in advance of a shoot, especially one involving special props (think “motorcycle”), that a pro does in advance.  This one in particular cost me 2 hours of my life.  Which I’ll never get back.


HOWEVER, I think I’ve found a new muse :)  My last one has abandoned me since finishing school and working FT as an emergency room nurse on the graveyard shift.  And planning her wedding.  Yeah, sure, she’s busy.  A shame because I loved working with her.

So, I Opened a Studio Space


And so far it’s working out great!

Well, pretty good.  The problem is it is inside another business.  A completely unrelated business.  A dirty business.  (When I say “dirty” think “Mike Roe” not “Ron Jeremy” – all right?)

Having full control of the lighting situation is awesome.  No contending with stray reflections off of glass.  No coping with weird overhead lighting colors.  And a bathroom/changing area right on hand so I don’t have to commandeer a bathroom in a restaurant for makeup and costume changes.

I’m digging it, so far.

A busy week

DSC_1919EI had several shoots set up last weekend.  The first – couldn’t find a ride and didn’t assemble any sort of wardrobe – after a month of planning.

And had the audacity to ask to reschedule on my dime.

Not gonna happen.

The second cancelled last minute for a valid reason.  I’ve shot with her before without issue.  Her father was in the ER with a life or death stroke going down.

Which left my Saturday afternoon for shit, with NOTHING scheduled.

So I called around, and found the young lady featured here.